Luise Group is the result of the merger between J. Luise & Sons Ltd and Luise International.

The Luise family has been a leader in the yachting industry since 1847. The Company was founded by Joseph Luise, who became one of the forefathers of this elite industry when he established J. Luise & Sons, in the Italian city of Naples. In the course of time, an organic evolution of the market and an increase in leisure boating in the 50s and 60s has led to a larger client base with a growing number of vessels both in numbers and size and resulted in a rising number requests for professional assistance and services. In fact, the increase in tourism brought about a distinct rise in the quality of marine services available in the area, characteristic of the times when the famous English Lords would spend the winter in the wonderful climate of our coast. An entire industry has developed around this growth to find suitable moorings and facilities.

J. Luise & Sons Ltd were involved in finding solutions for problems resulting from this growth in the development of the infrastructure including raising capital, with intermediaries, developing professional services and had considerable influence in developing legislation to support this burgeoning industry. They were conscious of the importance of tourism in the Bay of Naples, investing in initiatives that had not been possible in the past. With a keen understanding of the political climate, J. Luise & Sons realized that the port of Mergellina was too congested and no longer fit for expansion. The lovely bay of Posillipo was identified as a more suitable location for the creation of new moorings. J. Luise & Sons Ltd boasts considerable technical experience for over a century developing the industry. The projects they were involved with included preparing a chain of landing spaces for superyacht visitors, extending throughout the coastline of Naples, Capri, Ischia, Miseno, ready to welcome international and tourist vessels with open arms. The projects were led by Luise Group with a great sense of tenacity and enthusiasm in order to develop the coastline and this has been much admired. The original purpose of these projects has not been forgotten. Case in point was the request made by the Ministry for Maritime Defense to organize logistical services for the handling of the maritime area of the Olympic Games in 1960 which included the installation of fuel lines. In 1973, J. Luise & Sons led by the brothers Rismondo, Tomaso and Vico, consolidated their experience to create the first superyacht mooring facilities in the center of the city of Naples. Following this great success they transferred their vast experience to the prestigious island of Capri and the fertile island of Ischia.

The mutually beneficial merger in 2003 between the two companies, once competitors, marked the beginning of Luise Group that has become one of the strongest partnerships in the yachting industry today! The location of Mergellina Marina in the heart of the Mediterranean, and little more than a day⠀ ™s cruising from the French Riviera and Greece, made it an ideal location for charter guests and large yachts to sit and carry out operations, such as turnovers of guests, refueling and provisioning not to mention all while in the heart of the beautiful city of Naples and its surroundings. Our marina can accommodate superyachts up to nearly 100M LOA. After the unification, Luise Group identified new challenges to undertake, starting with the creation of Sardinia Yacht Services, with its two offices based in Porto Cervo, strategically located to assist the growing number of superyachts calling on the island.

This project was followed by the creation of Luise Group Rome, with an office in the Ostia Marina in Rome, a short 15 minute drive from the international airport of Fiumicino and half an hour from the heart of the Capital city. Looking further afield once again, and after identifying a great demand from the superyacht industry, Luise Associates Sicily was established in 2005. In 2006 Luise Associates & Co. Riviera was established, in Sanremo, to serve the entire Ligurian Coast, including the ports of Portofino and the Cote d’Azur. Our presence in the Western Med was completed with the addition of Corsica Yacht Services.